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We work with high performers who want to move from exhaustion to excellence.

By exploring the systems and habits you use everyday for task management, time management, email, and delegation, amongst others, we find where your energy and efforts are bring drained and help you optimize, recover, and excel.


Do you remember the story of the two people who finished the race tied?

One had perfect form and the other had sloppy form. Which one are you? Any “sloppy form” means that you still have room to grow. Make the effort to improve your systems and habits, and you’ll ensure that next time you’ll win!

At Chosen Course our work isn’t about how to do more in less time, however. It’s about connecting you to your WHY, your purpose for doing anything, then supporting you to execute excellently.

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Our Clients

Mountains of Praise

Working with Chosen Course was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career.  Not only did they assist me in becoming more results-oriented in my corporate practice, but our work together is now facilitating my evolution into an entrepreneur.

Meghan Gross

Founder, Gem Strategic Communications

When I started working with Chosen Course I had a cluttered desk, a cluttered calendar, and a bit of cluttered mind.

My desk became clear, my calendar was organized, and I was able to spend time doing the things that I should be doing.

When you complete that effort, you end up feeling far less stressed about the day-to-day because you actually understand how to focus your time and energy.

James Kase

EVP, Global Head of Marketing & Sales, State Street Global Advisors

Chosen Course has helped many an executive determine what their “big rocks” should be in terms of priorities and then provided them with guidance on how to ensure that their calendar is well aligned with these priorities.

Scott Weighart

Director of Learning & Development, Bates Communications