What happens during a Strategy Session?

You’ve been spending a lot of time struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm, and chaos. Let’s spend 45-mins identifying your road map out of that old life.

What will I get out of this session:

  • You will be provided with FREE access to our Chosen Course Excellence Assessment (a $750 value) which will immediately begin to shine the light on the areas of productivity that have been challenging for you.
  • After you complete the assessment, we will schedule a dedicated private session for you to discuss your top productivity challenges via phone or Skype and begin giving you some specific insights to begin improving that area immediately.
  • You will learn the 3 elements that are necessary to create lasting change in any area of your productivity and bring you into more intentional living.

So, are you ready to get started RIGHT NOW? Erin only offers a handful of Strategy Sessions each month and has limited availability to take on new clients, so complete the form below, and make sure you grab a session while you can.


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Mailing Address

Chosen Course

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What to expect

Exploration Phase

We will begin by sending you a link to our Chosen Course Excellence Assessment, which will walk you through various aspects of the 8 key areas of productivity. The Excellence Assessment takes roughly 10 minutes to complete it’s multiple choice questions, and many people tell us that simply completing the assessment gave them specific insights about what to start doing differently to make things better.

After we receive your Excellence Assessment results, then we will send you a link to schedule a Strategy Session call with our founder, Erin Elizabeth Wells, so that you can dig in together to start creating intentional changes in your life.

During the Strategy Session, we will discuss your top productivity challenges via phone or Skype and begin giving you some specific insights to begin improving that area immediately. You will also learn the 3 elements that are necessary to create lasting change in any area of your productivity and bring you into more intentional living.

With that clarity established, we will explore how we can best support you further in creating the necessary changes that will allow you to have greater freedom of time, more clarity of direction, and a greater sense of peace each day.


Proposal & Agreement Phase

During and after the strategy session we will work together with you to develop a menu of options and a recommendation for how we can help with interventions that are appropriate to achieve the outcomes you desire.

When an option is selected, then we will prepare a letter of agreement for your e-signature reflecting the choice you’ve made and beginning our work together.

Data Phase

For Consulting & Learning Programs

We always begin by providing the Chosen Course Excellence Assessment to anyone who will be participating in our work together.

An invitation to the assessment is emailed to the appropriate people, and their responses are collected over 1-2 weeks maximum. The assessment generally takes 7-12 minutes and is comprised of a variety of self-rater and short answer questions.

Summary data will be provided to the appropriate leader, but individual responses are kept confidential.

For Speaking Presentations

You may either choose to include access to the Chosen Course Excellence Assessment as part of guiding our topic selection or preparing your participants for the experience, or we may conduct brief interviews with key organization members or participants to further guide topic selection and content development.

Infusion Phase

We begin our planned work through whichever combination of consulting, learning programs, or presentations we have determined is appropriate to achieve your desired outcomes.

Depending on the option you have chosen the Infusion Phase may involve a matter of weeks before and after a specific presentation for your organization or several years of consulting and learning programs to move you or your whole company forward into a more effective and productive lifestyle. We relish the opportunity to watch you grow, and we enjoy celebrating your successes with you!

Evaluation Phase

Prior to the end of our term we re-evaluate the progress toward our various objectives. We may re-administer the Chosen Course Excellence Assessment to determine what systems and behaviors have changed.

Sometime new objectives come to light because the largest pain areas have been addressed and new ones have become more evident. If this is the case, then we’ll work with you to consider next steps to address these areas through further work.

If our work is appropriately complete, then we will celebrate your accomplishments, ask for your feedback, and follow-up with you several times over the following year to ensure that you remain “on course.”

Our Clients

Our Client Logos


Mountains of Praise


Working with Chosen Course was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career.  Not only did they assist me in becoming more results-oriented in my corporate practice, but our work together is now facilitating my evolution into an entrepreneur.

Meghan Gross

Founder, Gem Strategic Communications

When I started working with Erin I had a cluttered desk, a cluttered calendar, and a bit of cluttered mind.

My desk became clear, my calendar was organized, and I was able to spend time doing the things that I should be doing.

When you complete that effort, you end up feeling far less stressed about the day-to-day because you actually understand how to focus your time and energy.

James Kase

EVP, Global Head of Marketing & Sales, State Street Global Advisors

Chosen Course has helped many an executive determine what their “big rocks” should be in terms of priorities and then provided them with guidance on how to ensure that their calendar is well aligned with these priorities.

Scott Weighart

Bates Communications, Bates Communications